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tax_the_rich's Journal

Home of the EAT THE RICH petition!
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To rebuild the middle class.
This is a new community, a transformation of what was formerly the snark community, "soak_the_rich".

Keep an eye on this community! It's going to be way fun. Seriously.

- picture via barnaby_d

(The profile of soak_the_rich, RIP)...

This is my only snarky community...

This is where we skewer fools and follies of the upper crust...

1 - Report incidents, links and stories of absurd behaviours and affairs of the hollywood elite, the banker class, and corporate moguls...

2 - Report ideas, suggestions and incidents of pranks upon the filthy rich...

3 - Provide quotes, observations, histories, insights into their irreverent pomp and pageantry...

4 - Catch them with their pants down...

5 - Guilt them into growing up and helping society in useful ways beyond the providence of a greedy, invisible god called "Hand".

6 - Document icidents of poverty and huma suffering.

7 - Give to the poor.

8 - Organise for real change - not chump change.

9 - Network.


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