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madman101 in tax_the_rich


Another community is being merged with this one.  It is called, soak_the_rich, which was more about lampooning the rich, (just to keep people motivated, mainly). This community was completely member-inactive.

I might merge other communities to this one, (tax_the_rich), in the future, or not.

Here is the only post, (from soak_the_rich), which I thought would be salvageable for you folks:

Great Monsters in History - October 10, 2011, 19:09

"So, you and the little woman got anything lined up for the big Anniversary?"

"And by 'little woman', you mean Rummie?"

"Yeah. You and Rumsfeld got any big plans?"

"Oh, well. We just kind of thought we'd do another terrorism scare, you know."

"That doesn't sound too ambitious."

"I know, I know. And the whole earthquake thingie kind of went over like a lead balloon. So, my heart's not really into it."

"Well, at least you could get Lieberman in on it."

"Yes, he's a faithful cur. He was almost Vice President, you know. LEGALLY, even."

"I know. And most people just think he's a shill for the in deserved that kind of retaliation. The nerve."

"And that's why half of the Republicans weren't wearing any flag lapel-pins."

"I think that's what pissed them off the most. So, anyway, they all urged me to come up with some scare. But, once again, Obama was out of town. So people aren't sure who I'm trying to freak out, other than the public, or course."

"That's all right, Dick. You're doing your best, and that's all that counts, after all the money. And the thrill of torturing things to death. And having sex with gay cadavers. And stealing body parts from graves for that little project of yours, although I'm not so sure Michael Jackson's nose is such a great choice."


"And besides, Washington will all be under water after the aliens invade."

"I guess. Kind of makes you wonder, what's really important in this world."

"Oh, come on, Dick! The Gulf Oil Disaster was important! And after you blame this terrorism scare on Pakistan, we get to take over Pakistan and all that oil and drugs and minerals and cash... Think of all the cash, Dick!"


"Oh, that's how we all get our start. The name game. You know... Dick Armey. Charlie Koch. Billy Bob Penis. We just want revenge for people making fun of our names."

"No. I LIKE my name. I just want to kill everyone else who has it."

"But MY name is Dick!"

"Thank you for coming. This has been a recording. Please advise where we should scatter your ashes. Goodbye."

"Ha ha ha. You're a gas! You need to go on Jon Stewart's show, ha ha... Dick? Dick!?!"


"Mister Cheney. You have a call from Bin Laden. He wants to congratulate you for your successes in Wisconsin. He keeps referring to you as "Scott" for some reason..."

"I'll take it..."